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LLC PO "Evroliftmash" is a manufacturer of modern lifts and lifting equipment based on Italian technology. This technology allows for inexpensive high-quality elevators vysokoeffektvnymi eksplatuatsionnymi characteristics that significantly reduces installation time.

Our production is located in new buildings on the territory of more than 10 000 sq. ZIL-meter district town of Lytkarino, just 8 kilometers from the capital. The plant was built on the basis of the most advanced high-precision equipment of leading brands, with its own design office and test tower. All products have passed international certification for energy efficiency and significantly reduces energy costs. The company employs more than 150 skilled workers. The plant is the largest taxpayer in the Lyubertsy district and regularly invests in the expansion of production facilities, innovation and creation of new jobs. LLC PO "Evroliftmash" Speaker supplier programs replace elevator equipment, end-of-standard lines in many regions of the Russian Federation.

The plant is actively pursuing the government's program on import substitution until 2020. year.
Among our customers are many production companies and businesses, including the administration of large cities suburbs.

Production is located in new buildings on the territory of more than 10 000 sq. ZIL-meter district town of Lytkarino, just 8 kilometers from the capital and is built on the most advanced equipment of leading brands, with its own design office and test tower.

Laser cutting, sheet metal bending and punching ensures the TRUMPF equipment - guillotine shears TRUSHER cut metal accurately and quickly - up to 38 strokes per minute, the press TRUBEND 3120 and TRUBEND 5085 are designed for bending sheets up to 10 mm thick, laser cutting machine TRULASER 3030 " dissecting "metal up to 20 mm thick according to any predetermined path. Spot welding of parts made on CEMSA equipment that allows high performance and quality combine to produce metals and different nature of the product.

Powder coating lift all produced parts is carried out on an automatic painting line of German-Italian firm WAGNER-BLL ENGINEERING - a modern assembly line, where almost all makes automation. One operator can only hang sheets on the movable frame (suspension) and the other to remove after coloring. Conveyor conveyor incremental system provides products to the purification zone, a drying chamber, powder coating installation, a polymerization furnace and finally to the unloading place. WAGNER-BLL provides not only high performance coatings, but also a high degree of environmental protection.

On all equipment provided warranty of 18 months from the start of the elevator into operation. The warranty can be extended, if the installation and commissioning of the equipment produces certified by the organization.

How to make a warranty:

• compose a letter on company letterhead addressed to the head of the company PO "Evroliftmash" in which you must specify the type of lift, the unit, the serial number (see. Passport), address of the elevator installation, briefly describe the problem and provide a contact person and a phone to the back communication;

• a letter can be sent by e-mail;

• telephone numbers and e-mail software company "Evroliftmash", are listed on our website;

• Our specialists will contact you and solve your questions as soon as possible.

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+7 (495) 419-16-17 office@elvlift.ru
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ООО "Фин-Лифт Поволжье"
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+7(843)527-79-61 finlift@inbox.ru
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603115, г. Н. Новгород, ул. Ломоносова, д. 9, оф. 406
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620024, г. Екатеринбург, Елизаветинское шоссе, д. 29, Оф.109
+7 (343) 327-15-95 vertikal66@mail.ru
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656066, Алтайский край, г. Барнаул, ул. Новгородская, Д- 2, Н-17
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г. Сургут, Ханты Мансийский Автономный Округ - Югра
628400, Тюменская область,  г. Сургут, пр-т. Мира 55
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197342, г. Санкт-Петербург, набережная Черной речки, д. 41
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Ltd. «Eleveyting» - The largest contractor for the installation of elevators and elevator equipment with experience of more than 5 years on the market.
The firm employs over 350 highly qualified professionals with extensive experience serving more than 4,000 elevators in twelve municipalities.