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In addition to the manufacturing enterprise the group includes:

JSC "LIFTREMONT", an organization which has successfully carried out maintenance and repair of 4,500 elevators, escalators, lifts in 12 municipalities of the Moscow Region for more than 20 years. The company has its own dispatching and emergency services, repair shops, a large amount of transport. The enterprise’s qualitative work is confirmed by the Registry of bona fide suppliers Certificate of compliance dated November 23, 2012.

LLC "Elevating", a company that develops design documentation, installation, dismantlement, upgrades, major overhauls of elevator equipment, provides installation and finishing work. The company is actively involved in the general contract work execution on municipal orders and install more than 600 elevating units annually.

Close technological and managerial ties allow the CG to quickly exchange necessary information, combine resource and financial opportunities, effectively work on technical and operational qualities of products improvement.

All companies are being developed dynamically. CG unites highly skilled personnel, has its own technical base, possesses the necessary equipment and tools.

Enterprises are part of the profile self-regulatory organizations, have the proper permits, licenses and certificates.


Our products advantages

Modern production
  • Using a high-precision equipment for products manufacturing


Low power consumption
  • Our products have passed the energy saving international certification and can significantly save on energy costs


High quality of component materials
  • Using the leading European manufacturers main elevator drive
  • The strictest input and output control


Reliability and comfort of passengers
  • Quiet door closing
  • Smooth cabin drive at the beginning of the movement and at the moment when the cabin stops due to the variable frequency drive usage
  • The light barrier along the entire doorway length
  • LED lighting in the elevator cabin
  • LCD and TFT displays with the ability to program and display additional information on the screen
  • Speech information support


Easy installation
  • Easy installation due to the use of new production technologies