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Emergency cabin lighting
Encoder mod. 158-Н-1024ZCU48RL7
Power supply board PB for the station
Cabin weight false-checker CAB 800
Transformer TBSL for station EM
Constant resistors MLT-2 24 kOhm
Operator programmer MICRO PRISMA No. 09200022
Operator programmer FERMATOR No VCP VFCPC00EN
Frequency converter ATV71L 4-22 kW EC 480V no CG
Frequency converter SV055iV5-4DB(MD) 5,5-22 kW 400V (S-Pb)
Cabin fan control board "PUVK" 468332.003
CLC/CHAIN board (filter) KAFI 469135,019/758722,001
Encoder connection board
Phase control board
Sound notifier "Signal" NSHEK.468231.003 (device)
Cabin weight checker CAB 800
Dinasell SW-OMEGA detector